Let’s face it, it’s hard to feel romantic when your credit cards are maxed out or you’re juggling bills just to get by. 

            And that stress is multiplied a hundred-fold if collection calls are hitting your cell phone right in the middle of your date.  It’s not a sexy look!

           In the first chapter of my Amazon bestselling book, Debt-Free ASAP! I discuss how the five deadly effects of debt can affect our confidence and charisma:

  • Financially, high-interest debt can drain our income as fast as we earn it.
  • Emotionally, debt is literally negative and depressing every day.
  • Mentally, debt can invade our thoughts and poison our hopes and dreams.
  • Relationally, debt can divide couples, break up families and scar children for life.
  • Spiritually, debt can shackle and shame us rather than liberate and uplift us.


           I then discuss how to flip the script and turn your finances – and your romantic outlook – around by knowing your options and creating a life-changing plan within 48 hours.  

          I do this by sharing what I learned from my own debt recovery, from helping hundreds of real estate clients and from working inside the debt-relief industry.  Here are the 3 steps I learned we need to succeed:

          STEP #1:  Assess Your Situation, by taking an honest look at everything. Start with your various credit account balances, minimum payments and interest rates, then look at your net worth, your monthly income and expenses and your FICO credit score.

          It also helps to check your mindset, your spirit and your overall life vision, while you’re at it.

          And please don’t worry, this is easier than it sounds and I’ll help you do it in just a minute.

           STEP #2: Review Your Options, by learning about the most proven and popular recovery approaches, including how they work and their pros and cons.  These options include everything from old-school strategies to target and pay off one debt after another, to consolidation plans, hardship programs, family assistance, settlements, doing nothing and two different bankruptcy options. 

           Here again, this may sound like hard work but I’ve broken it down for you and will give you a head-start, in a moment.

           STEP #3: Create a Plan with whatever support you need to succeed. Just like diet and exercise programs, the X-factor for success often depends on having solid support. 

            Your ultimate plan will usually present itself as naturally as 1+2=3 after you take your first two steps to properly assess your situation and review your options.

           The key is to pick the best solution for your unique situation, goals and preferences, then take the next step in that direction.

           This action will clear your mind and boost your spirits as you take decisive action forward!

How to Get Started

           Naturally, I encourage you to buy book on Amazon or wherever you shop for books, so you can learn, absorb and apply everything I’ve mentioned here but couldn’t cover in depth. 

          It’s short, easy-to-read and inexpensive. 

          I’ve also posted a free fast-track video course covering all the most important highlights for you on www.FreeDebtVideo.com.

           This free video is just 38 minutes long, which is probably shorter than your favorite TV show, but it can honestly change your finances and your future.

          Both the book and the video share my story and others as we focus on your personal recovery, with relatable examples, vital questions, must-know information and insider secrets to boost your confidence and get you going.

          They also direct you to the free tools I’ve promised to make your assessment and review process easy, including free Assessment forms, a ‘7 Debt Solutions’ cheatsheet, plus a special offer if you’d like my personal assistance

           That special offer includes my personal consultation and ongoing support and it comes with a money-back guarantee.  You can learn how it works at www.MyDebtConsult.com.

           Being debt-free is sexy.  Now let’s get you there, ASAP!


John Nicholas wrote the Amazon #1 New Release book, Debt-Free ASAP!  He offers free resources including his fast-track video course at FreeDebtVideo.com and his affordable consultation and support plan at MyDebtConsult.com

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