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“If you’re stressed out, maxed out or even wiped out by too much debt, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to help you gain peace of mind, deal with your debt and chart a brighter future for you and yours.

The key to your recovery is our simple 3-step ‘ASAP Protocol’ and I guarantee it will change your life as we walk it through together.”

– John Nicholas


Our ASAP Protocol Will Help You:

Assess your situation

with the right tools to give you clarity and direction.

Review your debt-recovery options

to select the best approach for your situation.

Create a winning plan

with whatever support you need to succeed.

I’ve built multi-million dollar companies but I’ve also been jobless, broke and buried in debt. So I know the pain and anguish of debt and have learned how you can recover and conquer it – especially after working inside the debt-relief industry where I learned why so many programs fail or fall short for so many people.

John Nicholas

Author & Founder

Change Your Life

4 Ways to Get Help

The Book

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Video Course

If you’d rather watch the video course than read the book, we've got you covered.

Personal Consult

Learn how a one-hour consultation can launch your recovery with total confidence.

Coaching Plans

To find the right kind of coaching and support for your unique situation and goals, go here.

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Say ‘Hello’ to your debt-free future…because it’s coming!

I’m so glad you came to visit and I believe your transformation has already begun just by taking this step.  I know how hard it is to overcome the ‘beat down’ that comes from struggling with debt.  But you are rising up!

Please take your time to explore this website and let me know if you have any questions.  There is no pressure or hurry here, except for the sense of urgency you possess to break free from financial bondage and stress. 

Together we will focus on transforming your finances knowing that every other area of your life will follow suit.   I can’t wait to see it happen for you!

Start Your Recovery Today

If you want to get out of debt, you need to know your options.  Then you can pick the best one for you and create a plan. This FREE cheat sheet gets you started with a quick summary of leading options.

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