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John Nicholas offers real help for your debt recovery.  You can read his bio here.

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Don’t miss this Amazon #1 New Release that many are calling a must-read classic.

"As a professional editor I read over 100 books a year but this one jumps out ahead of the crowd. John Nicholas is a gifted financial coach who treats you like a friend while sharing master-level information and personal guidance in a way that anyone can understand and follow to get out of debt and change their lives.” - Angee Costa

“John Nicholas has turned what could have been a dry textbook into a page-turning drama full of relatable stories, easy-to-follow methods and breakthrough ideas. If you are deep in debt or just want to know more about avoiding scams, negotiating settlements, raising your FICO score and so much more, this book is an investment you won’t regret." - Craig Vogel

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