3 Steps To Transform Your Finances THIS WEEKEND

“Can you really change your finances in 48 hours?” the podcaster asked me during our recent interview.

She was referring to the title of my popular book, Debt-Free ASAP!  How to Know Your Options, Create a Plan and Start Changing Your Life Within 48 Hours.

           “Yes, you can change your outlook, your direction and even your financial future in just a couple of days,” I assured her.


           “Well, if you’re dealing with debt the key is to follow three simple steps that can change everything.  These are steps that everyone should know, but most people don’t.”

           “Well, do tell!” she urged with a laugh, “I know there are millions of Americans who can use some help with debt these days.”

  1. Assess Your Situation

           “Yes, there are and I know how they feel, based my own painful experience and from working inside the debt-relief industry.” 

I told her how I had worked to help people from every background and situation but learned why the industry’s cookie-cutter programs fail for so many of them.  “That’s why I left that industry…only to return on a mission.”

           “What happened?”

           “Well, after I left Covid hit.  I was soon soul-searching about how I might help and was suddenly struck by a simple approach to conquering debt, so I got busy writing my book.”

           “So, what’s the approach?”

           “There are three steps and the first is to properly assess your situation so you know where you’re at.  I noticed how many people don’t know or lose track of their numbers – or stop looking – especially when they’re struggling.”

           “Right,” she concurred, “it can be overwhelming.”

“Yes, it can.  Debt is depressing and embarrassing for most people,” I agreed, “even though the most common causes are things like retirement, job loss, illness, divorce, student loans or catastrophes like hurricanes or Pandemics.”

“No shame in those situations.”

“No.  But whatever the cause we can change our mindset from ‘I’m stuck in debt’ to ‘I’m getting out of debt’ and take an honest look at our numbers and overall situation.  This first step may sound elementary but it’s a real game-changer.”

  1. Know Your Options

           “So, what’s the next step?”

           “To review all your recovery options so you can pick the best one for your situation.  Pretty simple, right?”

           “Very simple,” she affirmed, “but what are they?”

           “There are seven basic solutions to consider,” I continued, “ranging from old-school approaches to pay off debts one after another, to debt consolidation, hardship programs, family assistance, settlements, doing nothing and even two forms of bankruptcy, which can make sense for certain situations.  I offer a free cheatsheet that explains all seven approaches with the pros and cons of each.”   

I then told her how debt-relief companies and personal finance gurus often talk about “options” but only offer one – the one they’re selling!  Usually with little honest consultation and often with high pressure sales tactics.

           “Well, of course!” the podcaster replied, sarcastically.

           “That’s why I want to make sure people know their options so they can avoid costly mistakes or getting stuck in limbo, uncertain about what to do.”

  1. Create a Plan

           “Alright then,” she said, “so what’s our last step?”

           “To create a plan with whatever support you need to succeed,” I replied. “As with diet and exercise, the X-factor for success is often about getting the right support.”

           “So, how do we create a plan and get support?”

           “It’s a bit like 1+2=3.  Once you assess your situation and review your options, the best plan and next steps usually present themselves naturally.  In my book and free video course I talk more about this process and about finding support from family members, mentors, advisors or coaches.”

           “Yes, I thought your book was really informative and inspirational about that process,” she affirmed.  “And all doable within 48 hours, right?”

“Absolutely!” I replied with a chuckle, “especially if you read my life-changing little book or watch my free fast-track video course!” 

I told her how the book and video course both offer insider secrets, relatable stories and examples plus free assessment forms, my free 7 Debt Solutions cheatsheet and everything you need to succeed, and that if anyone wants personal assistance, I offer my personal consultation with follow-up support for less than a hundred dollars.

           “That’s right and I think pretty amazing,” she said as she thanked me for joining her and encouraged her audience to find my book on Amazon and to watch my video at FreeDebtVideo.com.

           “Thanks for having me,” I replied, thankful for the chance to help people transform their finances over the weekend, or any other day of the week!


John Nicholas wrote the recent Amazon #1 New Release book, Debt-Free ASAP! He offers free resources including assessment forms, his 7 Debt Solutions summary and his fast-track video course at www.FreeDebtVideo.com.  (This article is based on recent interviews, edited for brevity.)

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