How My $97 Consult Plan Will Fix Your Finances Fast (I Guarantee It.)

How can I guarantee your speedy recovery?

It’s simple.  I know the 3 debt-recovery keys that everyone should know (but most people don’t), and how to avoid the most common mistakes, scams and cookie-cutter programs that threaten anyone struggling today.

And I know these insights will change your life, ASAP.  (Hence the title of my recent Amazon #1 New Release book, Debt-Free ASAP!)

I learned these things the hard way; from my own experience building companies worth millions but also suffering serious setbacks and debt, and from working inside the debt-relief industry, where I discovered why its programs fail for so many people. 

That’s why I left that field – only to return with a new and better approach.

I’m now happy to share what I know with you – freely through my fast-track video course at FreeDebtVideo.com and inexpensively through my eBook or paperback on Amazon/Kindle. 

Both formats present my story and other real-life examples, insider secrets and the must-know info you need to recover and prosper, while offering free tools and resources to get you going within 48 hours.

My Consult Plan

           If you’d like my personal assistance, rather than doing everything yourself, I am now offering it at www.MyDebtConsult.com.  

This will allow us to work together and follow the 3-steps outlined in my book, which are:

STEP #1:  Assess Your Situation by taking an honest look at everything from your various credit account balances to your monthly income and expenses and more – including other pressure points, decisions or life issues that relate to your situation.

STEP #2: Review Your Options by looking at the most proven and popular recovery approaches, including how they work and their pros and cons.  These options include everything from old-school payoff strategies to consolidation, hardship programs, settlements and more.

STEP #3: Create a Plan, with whatever support you need to succeed. Just like diet and exercise programs, the X-factor for success often depends on having solid support.

My Offer & Guarantee

My Consult Plan is based on a limited-time $50 discount toward my already low consultation rate of $147, thus reducing your cost to just $97.  And here’s exactly what you’ll get for your investment.

  • I will review your (secure and private) online questionnaire which you’ll complete as part of your sign-up. This will help me understand your financial and overall life situation and prepare the best questions, notes and directions for our hour-long consultation.
  • I will consult with you by phone or Zoom for one hour on the day and time you select when you submit your order and questionnaire. We’ll discuss your situation, your options and your best possible plan.  Then, after we talk, I will send you my follow-up notes, comments and next-step reminders.
  • I will call you a week later at a mutually convenient time, for a brief follow-up conversation to check your progress and offer encouragement. I will also give you unlimited email access to reach me with any questions you might have and will include you in my weekly ‘Debt Free Forever’ email messages and any other support group events or opportunities that arise.

My guarantee is simple:  If you’re not satisfied with my assistance for any reason, I’ll return your money.  The only exception is if you fail to show up for a scheduled consultation, without prior notice. 

Nothing to it but to do it!

           Would you like to fix your finances and regain your hope and confidence?  Are you ready for a fresh outlook for your future?

Then it’s time to take action, one step at a time.  Not to delay, dawdle, procrastinate or say, “Maybe later.”  If you want to recover quickly, then it’s time to jump through your window of opportunity today.

           You can launch your recovery now.  And I look forward to helping you do it.  Just go to www.MyDebtConsult.com and let’s make it happen.

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