Why the ASAP Protocol is Here to Help Save the Day

In 2020 we got used to protocols designed to save lives by protecting our health and the welfare of others.  Specifically, the Big-3: 

  1. Wear a mask,
  2. Keep your distance and
  3. Wash your hands frequently.

Pretty simple yet life-saving stuff – albeit uncomfortable, socially awkward and tedious stuff!

I’m not sure how much these protocols shaped my thoughts back in June when I asked my family for a 3-day lakeside retreat as my annual Father’s Day gift.  

But I knew I needed to get away to reflect, pray and hopefully write.  

With a Pandemic killing thousands of people and shutting down our economy, with racial oppression on full display through George Floyd’s murder and the tragic deaths of too many others and with my soul in full-blown distress over the condition of the world, I desperately needed some supernatural perspective.

My goal was to figure out how to help others in any way that I could, preferably through a new book, business or both.

I had lots of ideas when I went to the lake, but they were quickly shot down upon my arrival, as I was detoured towards a subject of great pain and disappointment, instead.  

That subject was debt.  Something plaguing millions of people facing trillions in debt, now worse than ever.

As a lifelong entrepreneur I had battled my share of debt over the years, usually after suffering major setbacks or gaps between business ventures or other adventures.  Thankfully, I had learned a few smart ways to overcome debt and had even counseled a few people along the way.

Then more recently, I worked in the debt-relief industry and learned inside information about scams, credit scores and why debt programs fail or fall short for so many people.

And that ‘fail or fall short’ part is why I had to leave that industry.  

Yet the struggling people (from every place and background in America) that I had gotten to know and attempted to help while working there, they never left my heart.  

Now my heart was being directed back to them.

What followed in a flash was the creation of a simple yet powerful 3-step recovery protocol to help anyone struggling with debt – without any scams, one-trick programs or high-pressure sales tactics to contend with.  

I spent the remainder of my retreat sketching out what became my new book Debt-Free ASAP! and my new business offering affordable – and several free – resources.  

All of it designed to break chains, destroy burdens and bring healing to people’s souls and relationships, where debt does its dirtiest work.

Everything I offer is built around our ‘ASAP Protocol’ which I believe is here to help anyone (even you) conquer debt and achieve victory by:

  1. Assessing your situation, simply yet professionally,
  2. Reviewing your options to pick the best one for you, and
  3. Creating a customized plan with the support you need to succeed.

With others racing to save people through emergency care or vaccinations, I’m racing to help people eliminate their debts as quickly and as honorably as possible.

If you need some help or want to help save the day for someone else, then I invite you to come and learn more at Debt-FreeASAP.com.

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